Autumn Semester — 2017 (HS2017)

Christian Schönenberger & Andreas Baumgartner Hauptvorlesung: Einführung in die Physik III: Quanten- und Atomphysik #221652; Montag und Dienstag 12:15-14:00. Physik, HS1
Christian Schönenberger Seminar: Current topics in quantum and nanoelectronics: #48201-01; Montag 9:15-11:oo, Physik, Seminarzimmer 1.09
Nano-I lecture One lecture containing an introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology, as well as a discussion of scaling in physics: What can we learn from scaling. The slides of this presentation will be made available on
Manuscript backups Condensed Matter Lecture (in German): Skriptum
Tight-binding band-structure of graphene and carbon-nanotubes: LCAO-band-structure-graphene-CNTs

Currently available projects for students in physics and nanoscience

Circuit QED with RF cavities based on lines with high characteristic impedances