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2019- PhD in Physics at University of Basel in the group of Prof. C. Schönenberger.
2017-2019 Double M.Sc. in Nanoelectronics & Nanoquantistic Devices at Turin Polytechnic & Paris Diderot University.

Master thesis: “Local electrostatic control af TASE-grown InAs nanowires”

At IBM Research – Zürich, in the group of Dr. Fabrizio Nichele.


I work on electronic transport in hybrid semiconducting-superconducting quantum devices. The aim of the PhD is to investigate the existence of topological phases in semiconducting nanowires with strong spin-orbit interaction coupled to a conventional superconductor.

These exotic quasiparticle excitations, also know as Majorana bound states, have been proposed as building blocks of fault-tolerant topological quantum computing.

List of Publications