Mehdi Ramezani’s paper entitled Superconducting Contacts to a Monolayer Semiconductor just appeared today (24th of June 2021) in Nano Letters. See:  link-to-paper

Schottky barriers in semiconductors usually prohibit achieving transparent enough contacts required to induce superconductivity in the semiconductor by the proximity effect. Additionally, monlayers of MoS2 are prone to oxidation which increases the challenge to get transpaerent contacts. Mehdi and his colleagues pave the way to a solution by introducing an elegant contacting scheme: vertical interconnect access (VIA) contacts .

dI/dV spectroscopy as a function of bias voltage (vertical axis) and back-gate voltage horizontal axis. A clearly vissible gap is seen
dI/dV spectra as a function of bias voltage for different (perpendicular) magnetic fields.




Superconducting Contacts to MoS2