Title: Measuring a Quantum Dot with an Impedance-Matching On-Chip Superconducting LC Resonator at Gigahertz Frequencies by
M.-C. Harabula, T. Hasler, G. Fülöp, M. Jung, V. Ranjan, and C. Schönenberger

Microwave read-out of highly ohmic quantum devices, like superconducting qubits,
necessitates impedance-matching circuits in order to maximize the power transfer. LC resonant circuits enjoy two major advantages over the well-established transmission line circuits: > 10 times smaller fingerprints and broader bandwidths (thus shorter read-out times). The authors present a compact LC resonator with a characteristic impedance of 766 ohms working at 3 GHz. There is room for further enhancement of the characteristic impedance making it also a valuable device for circuit QED.

Paper on compact rf impedance matching appeared