we are just back from a great (but quite tough … at least for the boss) hike that started in a village called Curaglia closed to Disentis. We walked up to the Medelserhütte , which is a small but very nice SAC hut, recently renovated. The team there was great and the food delicious.

Monday, 17th of August started rainy. Travelling from Basel to Curaglia was smooth due to the perfect organization of CJ and Martin. We had proper reservations on all trains:

Since it was still raining when we arrived in Curaglia, we decided to start with a “Monday morning” lecture given by Andreas:

Afterwards it was almost dry, we walked up. The scenery of cloudy air and wet rocks was impressive


Finally, we arrived at the hut:


On Tuesday we walked first a few hundred meters down and then up again to cross between two “peaks”:

It was already quite cold here, above 2500 Meters. The trip down (> 1200 Meters) turned out to take quite long. We had to make stops from time to time to relax our legs.

Thanks to Christian Jünger and Martin Endres for planning this tour. It is a memorable one (for me in particular).

Group Excursion Summer 2020