Our paper entitled “New Generation of Moiré Superlattices in Doubly Aligned hBN/
Graphene/hBN Heterostructures” appeared in Nano Letters.

Two incommensurate lattices in contact generate a Moiré superlattice. This happens for the pair hBN-G (hexagonal boron nitride-graphene). Take encapsulated graphene hBN-G-hBN. There is now an upper and lower pair, yielding two superlattices. If they are slightly twisted from each other, the two superlattices themselves can generate a “second-order” super-superlattice.

The left and right outer superlattice combines to form a super-superlattice in the center. Illustration by Andreas Baumgartner


A super superlattice in encapsulated graphene