From June 22nd till the 26th we had the installation of our new low temperature scanning confocal Raman microscope from attocube. It is a marriage of attocube attoDRY 2100 with the attoCFM/Raman and a WITEC spectrometer setup.

We had the pleasure to welcome three persons from attocube, P. Altmann, J. Dienstmaier and Xia Senlin.

From left to right: Blesson, Jürgen, Andreas, Christian, Xia, Lujun and Patrick in front of the low-tempertaure Raman after installation.

Due to the Corona crisis our system had to be store at a wareghouse for some time. This caused unfortunately a delay in the project. However, the crew from attocube installed everything and gave us a good introduction in to the system and training. The low temperature Raman systems is not only very conventiently to use with clean interfaces, it also looks great. It works according to our expectations. We will use the system in the future for strain studies on two-dimensional van der Waal’s stacks. See e.g. for physics Strain_Tuning_of_Graphene.

Left: Schematics when system is operated in a continuous low temperture mode. Photo: From left to right: electronic rack, cryostat with supporting unit and spectrometer and PC on the table
AttoRaman AttoDry-2100 LT